Ohio Jeep Fest Obstacle Course Rules and Guidelines

1. No drinking and driving PERIOD!
2. All people in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt while participating on the obstacle course or mud pits.
3. Must have a valid driver’s license to drive through the obstacle course and mud pits.
4. Listen to track officials at all times.
5. If you need assistance to exit the course at anytime please alert a track official and they will assist you in exiting the course.
6. This is not a race, please drive at a reasonable speed for the course and remember we have track officials on the track as well that we want to stay safe.
7. Do not crowd the Jeep in front of you. Allow plenty of room for the people around you to complete the different sections of the course.
8. If you get stuck in the mud pit you are responsible for getting out of your vehicle and attaching the tow rope.
9. If you find an obstacle to be too much for your vehicle there is a “Lane of Shame” next to each obstacle so you can safely travel around that obstacle.
10. There will be a wash station located in the infield of the track, once you drive through the mud pit you must wash the mud off your tires before you drive on or across the obstacle course and/or the horse track at the facility.